What is the Best Time of Year for Hydroseeding My Lawn in Texas?

Hydroseeding TexasLike all landscaping projects, the best time for hydroseeding your lawn depends on the climate in which you live. Getting the timing right for your hydroseeded lawn can improve the appearance of your newly hydroseeded lawn and how easily it becomes established and healthy.

The timeframe for hydromulching also impacts duties like fertilizing and mowing, and it’s a good idea to arrange a schedule that includes all the necessary lawn care duties to ensure the best-looking lawn.

Fall & Spring are Great for Hydroseeding in Texas

Like most vegetation, the best times of the year to have your lawn hydroseeded are in the fall and spring months. It’s a good idea to contact Reed Hydromulch in Texas or your landscaping partner to talk about when the best time of the year would be for hydroseeding since many professionals have different opinions on the matter.


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From wildflowers to seeded lawns, many landscaping professionals recommend working in the fall so that the plants have a chance to settle and strengthen over the winter. When you choose to hydromulch in Dallas in the fall months, the months of September and October provide clear and dry opportunities to get the hydroseeding completed, and then the increase of precipitation over the winter months helps the lawn or yard take root and thrive.

The National Weather Service has recorded largely varied annual precipitation in the past 15 years that’s ranged from a low of 18.97 inches in 2005 to a high of 50.05 inches in 2007. While it’s not possible to exactly predict how much bad weather the state might see in any given month, it’s still a good idea to think about planting in the fall.

Once the Hydro-Seed Process is CompleteHydroseeding

Timing a visit from your professional hydroseed company is just as important as the care of the lawn after the hydroseeding process is complete. You’ll want to know when to mow the grass, when you can walk on it, and how to fertilize the lawn in the months after its application. Growing a beautiful lawn requires more than the initial application of hydroseed.

Should hydroseeded lawns be fertilized?

An appropriate fertilization schedule will ensure a healthy lawn, but the grass seed, soil, and climate will impact which fertilizer you should use. It’s worth asking your professional hydroseed company what fertilizer they recommend, as well as what type of fertilizer will work best for the type of lawn you’ve chosen for installation.

Tip: Usually fertilizing around weeks four to six is best.

Is it okay to walk on a hydroseeded lawn?

A newly seeded lawn is delicate, and it’s usually best to avoid walking on it for a few weeks. Sometimes, it’s not possible to stay off the grass entirely, but an effort should be made to keep the grass protected for the first few weeks. Placing a notice that visitors shouldn’t walk on the grass is advisable.

When is it time to get the mower out?

Cutting grass is a little more complex than you might realize, and the answer isn’t always to cut it as low as possible or to wait a certain amount of time. Obviously, mowing a newly hydroseeded lawn isn’t necessary, and you’ll want to wait to cut the grass until it’s about three inches tall. Also, it’s important that you don’t cut more than a third of the length of the grass blades during each mowing because cutting more can shock the lawn.

Get the Best Texas Hydroseeding Info from Reed Hydromulch

Hydroseeding is a cost-effective way to get a great looking lawn, but it’s important to know your way around lawn care, as well as when to have the lawn seeded. Get in touch with Reed Hydromulch, and we’ll let you know the best time for hydroseeding in Dallas.