Hydromulch Hydroseeding

Traditional methods for starting lawns include laying down turf or sod, as well as growing a lawn from seed. Hydromulching (sometimes called “hydroseeding“) is a quicker and less expensive alternative for residential lawns and virtually all commercial applications – including golf courses, highways and anywhere that traditional methods aren’t practical.

fresh Hydromulch near Dallas
Freshly laid Hydromulch near Dallas

Reed Hydromulching, Inc. provides multi-state services for hydroseeding using advanced equipment at competitive prices for Texas residents and businesses from San Antonio to Austin, Waco and Dallas-Fort Worth.

What is the Hydromulch process?

The process of hydroseeding utilizes a prepped combination of slurry, seed and mulch, that is sprayed across the ground for application. We use a tank to transport the slurry to your location, much like a traditional truck might transport dry seed.

Commercial Hydromulch in Fort Worth

Here is a small selection of properties that can benefit from the application of Hydromulch grass:
  • Commercial job sites
  • Golf courses
  • Highways
  • Residential lots

Additionally, Hydromulch seeding is an ideal solution for areas where laying turf or sod presents some difficulties.

Did You Know? If you own a very large piece of land, you’ll see a lower Hydromulching price than using other traditional forms of planting.

What are the advantages of Hydromulch Service?

As mentioned above, there’s a good chance your Hydromulch cost will prove more economical than other methods, but Hydromulch is also a terrific option for storm drain protection and sediment retention.

Additionally, Hydromulch grass also helps with dust control around sand and roads, as well as for soil stabilization purposes.

What grass should I get for my residential home?

One of the most popular grasses for the average homeowner is Bermuda grass, and it’s common in Texas because it grows well in the bright sun. It grows fast, is resistant to damage under heavy traffic, and doesn’t create a substantial number of mower clippings. Also, Bermuda grass is dense and beautiful while also offering an impressive tolerance to drought.

Hydromulch Grass Establishment for your lawnIf you choose Bermuda grass, you’ll be able to choose from four different varieties including Common, Blackjack, Sahara and Princess. Each of these varieties has different traits and we’ll help you decide which is best for your lawn, depending on things like expected traffic levels and how much sun the grass will get each day.

Another option for your residential lawn is Buffalo grass, which also features a variety of advantages, but does require a higher initial investment. This native Texas grass grows slowly, but once it’s established in the ground, it requires very little maintenance. You’ll realize you don’t have to mow it that often and it doesn’t require a significant amount of fertilizer.

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What can I expect with Commercial Hydromulch services?

If you own a golf course or a large commercial area, Hydromulch in Texas is an economical way to get your property green. There is a variety of mixes available from turf and native grasses to wildflowers and mixes designed for erosion control.

The process of Hydromulching a commercial property features a four-part slurry. Components of this special blend include:
  • 100% Wood Fiber Matrix
  • A Fertilizer Component Tailored to the Application Site
  • Hydromulch Fiber to Ensure Uniform Seed Distribution
  • Tackifier to Ensure Uniform Seed to Soil Contact

In addition to Hydromulching, another option for large areas is drill seeding, which uses a tractor and a special attachment to place the seeds in the soil at a predetermined depth. This process keeps costs down because the process doesn’t feature the wood fiber of standard Hydromulching.

We’ll customize your Hydromulching in Texas

Reed Hydromulch customizes each job to fit with your property’s needs. We’ll take a look at your property and discuss some of the particulars of your situation before we plan Hydromulching or drill seeding. Contact us for more information and to discuss how our grass establishment services can beautify and enhance your residential or commercial lawn.