Hydromulch Hydroseeding

So, what is Hydromulch? Hydromulch, or sometimes referred to as hydraulic mulching seeding, hydroseeding or hydraseeding is a process consisting of a fertilizer, grass seed, dye, wood, paper mulch and water mixture. This mixture, called “slurry” is sprayed over the ground to provide exceptional erosion control and thick beautiful lawns in just a few short weeks.

The process of Hydromulching a commercial property features a four-part slurry. Components of this special blend include:

  • 100% Wood Fiber Matrix
  • A Fertilizer Component Tailored to the Application Site
  • Hydromulch Fiber to Ensure Uniform Seed Distribution
  • Tackifier to Ensure Uniform Seed to Soil Contact

There are many reasons to use Hydroseeding services, but the primary reason people choose this method is simply because it works. Hydroseeding is the most cost-effective planting method for a majority of commercial and public projects. Such projects can include ballparks, golf courses and playgrounds for example – all of which are able to withstand the expected wear and tear. We specialize in projects that are in high traffic areas with heavy use requirements and are able to complete the project on time and on within budget.

fresh Hydromulch near Dallas
Freshly laid Hydromulch near Dallas






Reed Hydromulching Inc. is well-equipped and qualified to provide multi-state hydroseeding services. We deliver exceptional results for our clients by using advanced equipment at competitive prices for residents and businesses across Texas.

Some advantages of using a hydroseed application include:

  • Easy application and maintenance
  • Enhances seed protection from weather and birds
  • Retains moisture
  • Adds nutrients to the soil
  • Easily customizable
  • Supports erosion control efforts on steep slopes and other hard to reach areas

Commercial Hydromulch in Fort Worth







Did You Know? If you own a very large piece of land, you’ll see a lower Hydromulching price than using other traditional forms of planting.

We’ll customize your Hydromulching in Texas

Reed Hydromulch customizes each job to fit with your property’s needs. We’ll take a look at your property and discuss some of the particulars of your situation before we plan Hydromulching or drill seeding

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