What is the Best Time of Year for Hydroseeding My Lawn in Texas?

Hydroseeding TexasLike all landscaping projects, the best time for hydroseeding your lawn depends on the climate in which you live. Getting the timing right for your hydroseeded lawn can improve the appearance of your newly hydroseeded lawn and how easily it becomes established and healthy.

The timeframe for hydromulching also impacts duties like fertilizing and mowing, and it’s a good idea to arrange a schedule that includes all the necessary lawn care duties to ensure the best-looking lawn.

Fall & Spring are Great for Hydroseeding in Texas

Like most vegetation, the best times of the year to have your lawn hydroseeded are in the fall and spring months. It’s a good idea to contact Reed Hydromulch in Texas or your landscaping partner to talk about when the best time of the year would be for hydroseeding since many professionals have different opinions on the matter.


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