Frequently Asked Questions



Why Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is the easy solution for combating soil erosion for your property.  It’s economical for areas where laying turf or sod presents difficulties and being able to spray the hydroseed slurry allows for fast application. Hydroseeding offers excellent protection for storm drains and sediment retention. It’s the ideal option for helping with dust control around sand and roads for soil stabilization.  Hydromulching is also an economical alternative to laying sod

How long does hydroseeding take to see results?

Once the mixture has been sprayed, you can expect to see growth within seven to fourteen days!

What grass should I get for my residential home?

One of the most popular grasses for the average homeowner is Bermuda grass. Bermuda grows great under constant sun exposure – which makes it perfect for Texas lawns.  Bermuda will need to be kept damp until grass is established.  Reed Hydromulching Inc. offers different varieties of Bermuda grass including Common, Blackjack, Sahara and Princess.

Buffalo is also another popular option for most residential homeowners, with many benefits including low maintenance and a reduced amount of fertilizer needed.  Buffalo does take a longer time to establish since it slow growing which is why people like it in the long run.  

If you’re still not certain, Reed Hydromulching Inc. will be there with you every step of the way to help figure the best options to help your lawn thrive.

How will I know which seeds to choose?

Based on your geographic location and other factors for your land, Reed Hydromulching Inc. can provide exceptional seeding recommendations that are suited for your property’s specific needs.

Does hydroseeding need watering?

Watering will need to occur every day for the first week to allow the germination process to begin. Upon servicing your land, Reed Hydromulching Inc. will provide you with a detailed set of instructions for your appropriate watering schedule.

Forestry Mulching & Brush Clearing

What are the benefits to forestry mulching?

o Most environmentally friendly clearing method in the industry
o Offer protection against ground erosion
o Preserves wanted trees and grass roots
o Quickly enhances land without scarring property
o Mulch generated supplies nutrients to the soil and enhances its moisture retention

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Where will the clearings go after my property is serviced for brush clearing?

Reed Hydromulching Inc. can remove unwanted brush clearings from the property.

What is a firebreak for a property?

A firebreak is a section of land that is cleared as an obstacle for spreading fire. Prevalent among the forests and wooded areas.

What is Skid Steer Mulching?

Skid Steer Mulching is an eco-friendly and non-invasion form a clearing involving a special attachment that shreds unwanted vegetation and trees into mulch pieces, returning natural nutrients into the soil.

How long does it take to clear for trail establishment?

Depending on how long the desired trail you want established is, the process could take anywhere between a couple of days to a couple of weeks, also factoring if weather permits clearing to take place.

Erosion Control

What are my options for Erosion Control?

 Reed Hydromulching Inc. offers many options to prevent soil erosion including hydroseeding, temporary water Irrigation systems, drill seeding, fiber matrices.

How do I know which erosion control method is right for my property?

Reed Hydromulching Inc. can consult with you about your property’s needs to properly assess which options will be best suited to help your land thrive.

What do fiber matrices do for the land?

The specialized fiber matrix works with hydraulic bonding agents to build a protection against soil erosion.

What are the results from using erosion control methods?

Erosion control methods are useful for keeping and maintaining a healthy, vegetative area of land. It protects the soil and its nutrients from being carried away and leaves your property beautiful and lush.

Drill Seeding

Does Reed Hydromulching Inc. provide the equipment for drill seeding?

Yes, we provide all the necessary equipment needed to perform all of our excellent services. In fact, we own and operate all of our equipment so that we make access to reaching our clients easier and pain-free.

What is the time estimate for drill seeding my property?

The time estimate for drill seeding services is all dependent on the amount of coverage needed for the land. When you have your consultation with Reed Hydromulching Inc., we will be able to provide a time estimate for the specific property.

What happens if the pH level of my land does not meet the requirement for drill seeding?

o We will be able to test the quality of the property, prior to performing the seeding process. If the pH level is not a sufficient level, Reed Hydromulching Inc. will discuss with you other seeding alternatives.

Temporary Water Irrigation

How will I know if I need a temporary irrigation system or a permanent system?

Reed Hydromulching Inc. is more than happy to evaluate your property’s needs to accurately assess what type of system is best. You can call our office to set up a consultation with our licensed staff.

Will this save me money on my water utilities?

Depending on your current water use and habits, it’s very possible to see a reduction in your water use. Using a water irrigation system helps increase water-use efficiency.

What are the types of temporary water irrigation systems?

The most typical types of systems include farming, pasture and drip irrigation systems.

How long is the installation process?

The time estimate is all dependent on the type of irrigation system that you are having installed and the size of the property receiving the irrigation. Larger properties are likely to take more time to install compared to smaller ones. Your Reed Hydromulching Inc. professional will be more than happy to help answer your questions and provides estimates along the way.

Right of Way Seeding

What is the recommended erosion control method for right of ways?

The selected method for combatting erosion depends on the location of the right of way. Its needs may vary compared right of ways located in other areas.

What type of equipment is necessary for reclamation?

We use a wide array of equipment for all our service needs including tractors, seed drills, mulchers, hydroseeders and tillers.

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