Erosion Control BFM FGM Seed Drilling

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to protecting your land. But how do you know exactly what best suits your property’s specific needs? Reed Hydromulching Inc. is qualified and well-equipped to develop a plan to best approach erosion control for your property. We offer several options like no-till seeding, hydromulching, or  application of a bonded fiber matrix to ensure that your property is protected from all possible erosion conditions.

Dallas Erosion Control Methods

Construction, land development, and agriculture sometimes result in soil erosion, but our experience and resources can help combat the effects.  If you are already dealing with erosion that is underway, there are ways to rebuild certain areas. 

Erosion Control Fiber Matrixes

In some cases, your personalized erosion plan may recommend a Fiber Matrix to be used to protect your property. Bonded Fiber Matrix and Stabilize Fiber Matrix are products enhanced by specialized engineering that boasts mechanical or hydraulic bonding agents.  In some cases, it may be as easy as planting seed by drill seeding.

Erosion Control through Hydroseeding

Reed Hydromulching, Inc. uses a 1-step application process to apply a Bonded Fiber Matrix or Stabilized Fiber Matrix to the land. We can apply a bonded fiber matrix or stabilized fiber matrix without our seed or fertilizer components so that you can prevent erosion in areas where you don’t want vegetation.  We’ll discuss your options for soil erosion control fiber matrixes when we visit your property to create your custom erosion prevention plan.


Hydroseeding Or Hydromulching 

Locating the right hydroseeding contractor can be challenging. It is important to ask how long a company has been in business and how much experience the contractor has in residential or commercial applications. Find out what products are used and seed ratio. Find out the payment terms and make sure there are no additional unknown costs.   Find out if the company will handle the size of your project. Some  hydroseeding companies work exclusively with large-scale commercial hydroseeding projects while others focus on larger commercial projects. It is important that your contractor has the right size equipment to handle the size of your project.

Hydroseeding and Hydromulching Costs 

Wondering what the Hydroseeding / Hydromulching costs? Many factors play into the final price such as seed type, seed ratio, the amount of mulch, type and quantity of fertilizer, and whether a Bonded Fiber Matrix is needed for erosion.

Hydromulching Services Seed Mix 


What is in the Hydromulch mix?  The mix is a combination of seed, fertilizer, water, and mulch.  The mulch can be 100% Wood Fiber Mulch, Cellulose Fiber, or a combination of the two.  For cases of severe erosion, Reed Hydromulching, Inc will use a BFM or Bonded Fiber Matrix to help stabilize until the seed has germinated.

When it comes to the seeding, Hydroseeders is not limited to just seeding new lawns, new construction projects, and lawn repair.  Other applications with a hydroseeder include wildflowers, pastures, steep hillsides, and even rough terrain is usually not an issue. While most applications are new lawn installations and lawn repairs, the seed mixture can be custom blended to suit your specific needs. For the cool season turf, we commonly use a blend of Rye grass or winter wheat. During the warmer seasons, Bermuda is the most common type of seed used.




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