Reed Hydromulching delivers excellent grass services to all our clients and takes pride in a job well done. It’s our primary focus that we provide you with the best grass solutions to meet your individual project’s needs. With each service that we offer, we go beyond the ordinary grass service company expectations and take the time to deliver extraordinary results.



Are you wanting a faster and cost-effective way of establishing grass on your property? Hydroseeding cuts time and money to leave your property lush with grass vegetation within a couple weeks.

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Drill Seeding

An agricultural process complete with a tractor and specialized seeding attachment called a drill, Drill seeding serves as a great alternative for grass establishment. We even offer no-till seeding options, where seeds are directly placed into the soil without the use of invasive tilling.

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Temporary Irrigation

Essential for many properties, but especially in Texas, water irrigation offers many solutions to keep your land in prime condition throughout the year. Reed Hydromulching can design a personalized temporary irrigation plan for each client and property.

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Erosion Control

The effects of soil erosion can be a challenge that no property owner wants to take on. Whether you need silt fencing or fiber matrixes, Reed Hydromulching are the experts and are able to develop a customized plan tailored to fit your specific properties’ needs in order to combat erosion.

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Forestry Mulching & Brush Clearing

Reed Hydromulching provides a safe and responsible solution to clear your overgrown lots, pastures, land, the right of ways, fence lines, food plots and more! Our Skid Steer Mulching is the least damaging way to clean your property up in no-time.
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Right of way Seeding

Needing right of way services for your project? Reed Hydromulching specializes in precision reclamation seeding on the right of ways and other disturbed areas throughout Texas and Oklahoma City.
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Tractor Mowing