Hydro Seeding / Native and Turf Type

Hydroseeding is a process which makes use of a mixture of fertilizer, grass seed, dye, wood and paper mulch and water. The mixture, called slurry, is the consistency of pancake batter and is sprayed over the ground resulting in exceptional erosion control and a thick beautiful lawn in just a few short weeks.

Just a few of the advantages of using a hydroseed application include:

  • Easy application and maintenance
  • Enhanced seed protection from weather and birds
  • Retains moisture
  • Adds nutrients to the soil
  • Easily customizable
  • Supports erosion control efforts on steep slopes and other hard to reach areas

Do you have more questions about erosion control? Just give us a call and our erosion control expert will be happy to discuss your project and help you choose the right product or products that best fit your project. With 20 years of experience providing professional landscape services to municipal buildings, retail outlets, schools, golf courses, parks, and sports fields as well as residential and commercial developments in the Texas area coupled with top of the line equipment and knowledgeable, experienced personnel, Reed Hydromulch always strives to make sure that your landscaping project always comes in on time and on budget every time.

Reed offers a a wider variety of services including Hydromulching / Hydroseeding Turf grasses, groundcover, ornamentals, Pipeline Revegetation and Broadcast Seeding to name a few. View our whole line of Grass Establishment Services Learn More

Drill Seeding

Drill seeding is an agricultural process complete with a tractor and a specialized seeding attachment called a drill.   No till seed drills place seeds directly into the soil installing up to 30 different species in one pass at the ideal depth without expensive soil preparation, saving the customer time and money. No-till seed drills eliminate tilling, which improves water absorption, increases organic matter retention, and salvages the nutrients in the soil, allowing re-vegetation. Because drill seeding used no wood/fiber mulch in the process, the cost is generally less.  Drill seeding is advantageous on larger areas, more level areas, and projects where obtaining adequate water to hydroseed exists.  No-till drills enable the customer to more easily vary the types of vegetation without having to replace or replenish the current soil. You can be assured Reed Hydromulching, Inc. uses only quality native seeds in our equipment. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every job so that the integrity of the planting can be ensured.

Benefits of Drill Seeding:

  • Low cost compared to other erosion control treatments.
  • Placing the seed in the soil typically leads to better vegetative cover than hydroseed techniques due to additional protection from the sun, wind, birds and like items that typically inhibit seed germination.
  • Generally more successful than Seeding or Erosion Control (Hydroseed).
  • Requires only one-half the seeding rate of Seeding or Erosion Control (Hydroseed).
  • Vegetation provided by seed in this treatment provides long-term effective control of erosion

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Temporary Irrigation

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Erosion Control

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