Erosion Control BFM FGM Seed Drilling

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to protecting your land. But how do you know exactly what best suits your property’s specific needs? Reed Hydromulching Inc. is qualified and well-equipped to develop a plan to best approach erosion control for your property. We offer several options like no-till seeding, hydromulching, application of a bonded fiber matrix or silt fencing to ensure that your property is protected from all possible erosion conditions.

Dallas Erosion Control Methods

Construction, land development and agriculture sometimes result in soil erosion, but our experience and resources can help combat the effects. If you are already dealing with erosion that’s underway, there are ways to rebuild certain areas or install an erosion control fabric to serve as a physical barrier.

Erosion Control Fiber Matrixes

In some cases, your personalized erosion plan may recommend a Fiber Matrix to be used to protect your property. Bonded Fiber Matrix and Stabilize Fiber Matrix are products enhanced by specialized engineering that boasts mechanical or hydraulic bonding agents. Or, your plan might suggest that you go with Silt Fencing, a fabric made of woven polypropylene yarn that allows water to pass through but restricts sediment.

Erosion Control through Hydroseeding

Reed Hydromulching, Inc. uses a 1-step application process to apply a Bonded Fiber Matrix or Stabilized Fiber Matrix to the land. We can apply a bonded fiber matrix or stabilized fiber matrix without our seed or fertilizer components so that you can prevent erosion in areas where you don’t want vegetation.  We’ll discuss your options for soil erosion control fiber matrixes when we visit your property to create your custom erosion prevention plan.


Give us a call to get started on your erosion control project and discuss your options for a customized plan that features hydroseeding, soil erosion blankets or silt fencing today! (817) 929-5771