Types of Hydroseeding in Texas

One of the reasons homeowners and business owners choose hydroseeding in Dallas is because the process is quite flexible and adaptable. For example, you can choose from different seeds for various parts of your lawn that are appropriate for sunny areas versus areas with a lot of shade. Hydroseeding is also an ideal option for mixtures like wildflowers or when you have special requirements for a commercial area.

Which Hydroseed Mulch Should I Choose?

Hydroseeding features application of a slurry and part of the slurry contains a mulch mixture. There is a handful of different mulch mixtures you can choose, and each has its advantages.

Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM) Mulch. This type of mulch is designed to resist coming apart in water. When the slurry is applied with a bonded fiber matrix, rain won’t seep through the slurry and into the ground below. The mulch holds water well and is also biodegradable into food for plants.

Wood Fiber Mulch. For lawns where erosion is a potential problem, a 100% wood fiber mulch is a high-quality option. A wood fiber mulch may feature a tackifier that helps the slurry stick to the soil during the important initial growth phase. If your lawn is on a slope, or you’re worried about erosion, wood fiber mulch is an option to consider.

Blended Mulch. When there are issues of heavy traffic and lawn use, a blended mulch is a strong option for hydroseeding. The mulch is a combination of wood and paper, and the blend varies depending on the company applying the hydro seeds. A high wood blend can help with erosion while the binding agents help it stick to the ground.

Paper Mulch. Application of paper much for hydroseeding is considered the least expensive option and is not often recommended for application to an area with no lawn. Some homeowners or business owners may choose paper mulch hydro seed for application over an existing lawn as a way to fill in gaps.

Hydroseeding TexasWhy Choose Hydroseeding in Austin or Dallas with Reed Hydromulch, Inc.?

You might be on the fence regarding lawn options with sod versus hydroseeding, and there are several reasons to choose hydroseeding. For example, the wide variety of seed options with a hydroseeded lawn mean you can choose a lawn that fits your specific needs.

Another advantage of using hydroseeding over sod is that when your lawn takes root and grows, you’ll find it’s more resistant to disease because of the variety of seeds featured in the slurry. Sod is grown with a single type of grass, and that can prove problematic if the lawn becomes diseased. If you use sod, the entire lawn could fall victim to a disease.

Another benefit of sod is that it’s generally regarded as a more affordable option than sod, particularly when you’re looking at covering a large area with grass. Commercial application of hydroseed is quite cost-effective, and it’s also a terrific option for homeowners on a tight budget.

Versatile, strong, and aesthetically pleasing, hydroseeding is an option you’ll want to consider for your new lawn. Discuss your options further with Reed Hydromulch, Inc. and discover how hydroseeding will help you grow an amazing lawn for your home or business this year.