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Does your site need immediate vegetation? The professionals at Reed Hydromulching, Inc.  can help you achieve your desired results. Reed Hydromulch specializes in planting native Texas seed, which includes wild flowers and grasses. Our re-vegetation team has 50 years of combined experience throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Due to varying site conditions, a site visit is necessary to customize a plan to suit the customer’s needs.

No till seed drills place seeds directly  into the soil at the ideal depth without expensive soil preparation, saving the customer time and money. No-till seed drills eliminate tilling, which improves water absorption, increases organic matter retention, and salvages the nutrients in the soil, allowing re-vegetation. No-till drills enable the customer to more easily vary the types of vegetation without having to replace or replenish the current soil. You can be assured Reed Hydromulch uses only quality native seeds in our equipment. All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after every job so that the integrity of the planting can be ensured.  Austin Texas wind farms.


No-Till Drill Can Install up To 30 Different Species In One Passdrill-seeding2

How to Eliminate Weeds in a Hydroseeded Lawn?

Hydroseeding WildflowersTiming is everything when it comes to hydroseeded lawns, and that idea applies when you first seed the lawn, when it’s time to mow, and when it’s time to fertilize the lawn. Another issue you may need to deal with is the arrival of weeds like dandelions, clover, and crabgrass.

Did you know that a single dandelion may create up to 15,000 seeds and can survive in the soil to rise again each year even when it’s cut down? Avoiding weeds can feel like a full-time job, but here are some options for taking care of your lawn’s weed problems.

Reduce Weeds by Hydroseeding in the SummerHydroseeding Texas

Most landscaping and yard professionals will suggest planting in the spring or summerl for the best results. To reduce the likelihood of weeds invading the lawn, some professionals recommend getting the lawn hydroseeded to reduce the likelihood of weeds showing up after the initial application. Continue reading