July 16, 2017

Erosion ControlAs mankind has expanded civilization across the planet, erosion has impacted homeowners, businesses, and the landscape. Several effective erosion control methods exist that are appropriate for use in a variety of situations from large-scale farms to the lawns surrounding residential homes.

Simple Erosion Control Techniques

For a home or small property, good erosion control often starts before a project has begun. Prior to starting a landscaping plan, it’s necessary to examine the property and consider issues of drainage, whether the land is stable, and how deep the earth is before rock begins.

One of the biggest enemies of a stable and erosion free landscape is improper drainage. If water moves along a slope, it will slowly erode the hillside and cause erosion. Even if a piece of land doesn’t look like it has a steep grade, a slight hill can still cause some significant problems with erosion.

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