Do it Yourself Hydroseeding vs Professional Hydroseeding

Hydromulch GrassLawn experts like professional hydroseeding companies in Texas are a valuable ally for improving the appearance of your lawn, but there are some home improvement stores that sell or rent hydroseeding equipment to the public. This equipment means you have the choice of a DIY yard or a professional visit.

If you’re apt to work on your own yard without the assistance of a professional like Reed Hydromulch, Inc., you might be wondering whether it’s worth it to call in a professional or whether renting your own equipment is the most effective option.Here are a few reasons why calling a professional hydroseeding company is a good idea.

Professionals Know Everything About Hydroseeding

If you’re thinking purely about the cost of professional hydroseeding versus doing it yourself, it’s important to consider more than the cost of the equipment and seed when doing your calculation. If you’ve been researching hydroseeding cost, you probably already know that it’s a less expensive option than traditional sod, and that the process is particularly fast in how swiftly your lawn begins to grow.

HydroseedingA professional hydroseeding brings more to the job than just the equipment and the seeds. A company that offers hydroseeding in Dallas knows the process inside and out, which means they can complete the task blindfolded and with no delays or problems. Hiring a professional hydroseed company means you don’t have to go through the initial process of trial and error with your seed application.

Also, a professional company will know exactly what seeds to use and what type of lawn will grow best in your region. You won’t seed your lawn only to find out that the lawn type you used would grow better in a northern climate with a long winter than in Dallas with its shorter winter that rarely hits the freezing point.

Take the headache out of first time hydroseeding and a trial-and-error application by using a professional company like Reed Hydromulch, Inc. to seed your lawn.

Hydroseeding Companies Offer a Range of Services

The average company offering hydroseeding services usually provides a variety of services related to landscaping and yards including hydroseeding, erosion control, and temporary water irrigation. In addition, companies like Reed Hydromulch also provide yard alternatives like drill seeding, as well as a variety of native Texas seeds for grass establishment.

Buffalo Grass Seed
Buffalo Grass Seed
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In addition to providing exceptional and headache-free grass establishment services, a professional hydro seed company can also make recommendations for yard care and upkeep after the process is complete. Your hydroseeding company may provide landscaping services, or they can share the name of a trustworthy and reliable landscaping company.

Hydroseeding companies like Reed Hydromulch know their success depends on providing great results and healthy lawns, which means using a professional is the quickest way to a lush, green lawn.

Making Your Hydroseeded Lawn a Success

Hopefully, you’ve come to the conclusion that calling a professional for hydroseeding your lawn is the best way to get a green lawn. However, there are some additional steps you can take to make sure the effort put into your lawn by those professionals results in the best looking yard.

Here’s how to care for your lawn, particularly in the first month after application.

  • Water the lawn regularly – Ask your hydroseed company how often to water the lawn and stick to the recommended schedule.
  • Mowing the lawn – Wait until the grass is about three inches tall across the majority of the yard and then trim the yard with the mower on a high setting for the first few mowing days.
  • Fertilize the lawn – Your hydroseeding company can offer recommendations on fertilizer. You’ll usually use fertilizer about a month after the application.

Ask your hydro seed company for advice on yard care in the future. You can reduce your overall hydroseeding cost by taking good care of the initial application so that the new lawn has the best chance of thriving.

If you have questions about hydroseeding, it’s time to get in touch with Reed Hydromulch, Inc. Having seeded lush, green lawns all over the Dallas area, there’s no better time to work with a professional to renew the appearance of the lawn around your home or business.