San Antonio Hydroseeding & Hydromulch

home-imgAs an industry leader in Texas Hydromulching, Reed Hydromulch offers a variety of grass establishment services and soil erosion prevention options for San Antonio homeowners and business property owners.

As a process with a history that stretches back more than 60 years, Hydromulching is an effective and fast option for growing vegetation on your land. It’s also one of the best ways to prevent land erosion. Learn more about our grass establishment services by reading below.

Hydromulch – San Antonio, TX

Hydromulching is appropriate for residential or commercial lots and is a less expensive option than laying down turf or sod. It’s also one of the quickest methods available for growing a healthy lawn or large area of vegetation. One of the most surprising features of the Hydromulch process is that it only takes about a week for healthy growth to appear.

We can offer a variety of hydromulch grass options that can provide a number of advantages like swift growth, resilience in the full sun, and tolerance to drought. Additionally, our Hydromulch seeding can feature grass that’s beautifully dense and able to withstand high-traffic situations.

San Antonio HydroseedingHydromulch Seeding

We approach each Hydroseeding project as a unique challenge with puzzles to solve, but this personalized attention doesn’t mean that Hydroseeding cost is out of your reach. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable options for growing a lawn and is also effective for large commercial properties.

We can provide many different types of grasses during the hydroseeding process, and we’ll discuss your goals for the finished property to decide which grass or vegetation may work best. You may want grass that requires less watering and infrequent mowing, or you may want the most budget-friendly option.

Some of the best reasons to consider fast grass Hydroseeding are:
  • Hydroseeding is fast.
  • Hydroseeding is efficient.
  • Hydroseeding is economical.

Erosion Control

If you’re faced with erosion on your property, it’s important to investigate erosion control methods swiftly before the problem becomes a costly nightmare. We provide a variety of straightforward and effective erosion control options like the installation of grass or a specialized erosion control blanket.

Soil erosion is not just something that occurs on large farms in the Midwest. It’s also a concern for anyone who has a yard that’s lacking vegetation or property where wind and rain are causing geographical changes. Give us a call and let us see if erosion control grass or using a seed drill may alleviate and prevent soil erosion on your property.

Water Truck-Temporary IrrigationTemporary Water Irrigation

Scarcity of water and certain Hydroseeding projects require temporary irrigation and we can provide the equipment and the water trucks for such projects. Irrigation is an effective means of delivering water to an area where no convenient source exists and we can install everything from the irrigation pipe to the irrigation hose reels. Our water truck rentals are also available for other projects that need water as well.

Drill Seeding – San Antonio TX

In addition to Hydroseeding, we also provide drill seeding services, which is a controlled and cost-effective means of delivering seeds across a large area. Using our seed drill means you’ll have more effective ground cover than seeds placed on top of the ground as with Hydroseeding.

What are the benefits of drill seeding?

  • An effective, long-term erosion control technique
  • More successful than traditional seeding
  • Accomplished with one-half the seeding rate of regular seeding
  • One of the most affordable erosion control options
  • Seeds are protected from birds, animals and sun upon delivery into the soil

We use a no-till seed drill that’s attached to a tractor to deliver seeds, which allows us to place the seeds at a predetermined depth. The cost is often lower than Hydroseeding because the seeds placed into the ground don’t include wood fiber or mulch.

We offer a wealth of experience in Hydroseeding and erosion control and we’d love to work with you on your grass establishment or erosion prevention project. Contact Reed Hydromulch in San Antonio at (512) 751-8138 – we can help you grow a beautiful lawn at your Texas home and we can also provide a cost-effective solution for installing grass or groundcover at your commercial property.