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Texas Native Buffalo Grass

Buffalo Grass Seed
Buffalo Grass Seed
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Commonly used as an alternative for Bermuda grass and other non-native warm season grasses, Buffalo grass is a great low-maintenance turfgrass that can be used in different applications. Unlike Bermuda grass, Buffalo grass is able to thrive with very little irrigation. Thanks to its water efficiency, Buffalo grass seed requires a fraction of the water applications that types like bluegrass or tall fescue seeds need. In fact, too much water can cause weed pressure or root rot.

The most common use for Buffalo grass is for range grazing – as it can be used for most livestock and is a basic component of shortgrass and mixed-grass prairies. Following the first full season after application, during which the grass establishes a firm, deep stand in the ground, livestock can graze freely while encouraging proper plant recovery.

Native Buffalo Grass Seed

Buffalo grass is also popularly used in low traffic areas, such as front lawns. Buffalo grass sod is very dense, as its strong roots dig themselves 4 to 6 feet deep into the soil. Hence why it is a great option for erosion control as well.


Native Blue Grama Grass

Texas Blue Grama Grass Seed
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Along with Buffalo grass, Blue Grama grass is one of the most important plants consumed by livestock and wildlife year round. Although its leaves are low in fiber and high in protein, the plant has a very high nutritional value.

This type of grass is highly adaptable in dry climates, as it is immune to drought and can grow in soil with fair salinity and moderate alkalinity. Blue Grama grass matures in just 60 to 70 days, growing primarily during the warmest and wettest part of summer. The plant only grows to about 10 to 20 inches, which is relatively low growth compared to other grasses. Although it is not the ideal hay crop, it can be used for harvest when exposed to adequate precipitation.

Blue Grama Grass Seed

Blue Grama grass is also an excellent option for controlling soil erosion, with its dense, shallow roots keeping a firm grip in the ground. Like Buffalo grass, this type of grass is very low-maintenance and does not require a lot of water. It can be applied as turfgrass or as a landscaping plant in even the driest conditions.