Hydromulch Austin

When faced with a need for grass or vegetation around your business, consider partnering with Reed Hydromulch in Austin as an alternative to laying traditional sod. Budget-friendly and cost-effective, Hydromulching also offers quick results when compared to other grass planting options.

We offer innovative growing options, as well as protective services like erosion control for businesses and homes all over the Austin area. Here’s a little more about the affordable growing services we offer homeowners and business owners.

Austin Hydromulch Service

The process of Hydromulching is an innovative option that uses a solution called a “slurry” to populate a field or lawn with seeds and mulch. Once the ground is prepared for seed application, we will transport the slurry to your location where it’s sprayed onto the ground. Hydromulch grass grows quickly so you see results within a week.

A major benefit of Hydromulch seeding is that it’s a very effective option when you need to cover a large section of land. A large commercial property would cost a significant amount of money to apply a full layer of sod. Choosing Hydromulch seeding could save your company a significant amount of money.

Hydroseeding in Austin TXHydroseeding

Hydroseeding is also known as hydraulic mulch seeding, hydraseeding and hydro-mulching. The slurry we use is a special combination of seed and mulch, and it’s designed to be applied with a special 1-Step Method for quick and efficient hydroseeding.

The hydroseed slurry is made of four primary parts that include a 100% wood fiber matrix, tackifier as a binding agent, fertilizer and Hydromulch fiber. Each slurry is composed in a unique way to accommodate the land on which it will be placed. Although we can create a custom plan for each client, you’ll still see a hydroseeding cost that’s much lower than seeding alternatives.

Austin Erosion Control

Erosion control is an important and dynamic solution for controlling the effects of wind and water in a particular environment. We can apply a variety of erosion control methods to your land, depending on the geography and size of your property. Erosion control isn’t solely an option for business owners, residential land can also fall victim to soil erosion.

Why is erosion control essential?

  • Preventing erosion protects the investment you have in your land.
  • Erosion control methods are often visually appealing in the form of vegetation.
  • Soil erosion is preventable using a variety of cost-effective means.
  • Erosion control options are straightforward and easy to install or grow.

Some of the methods we can use to control erosion on your Austin property include using erosion control plants chosen for their ability to control the effect of wind and water on your property. We can also use an erosion control blanket, which is a simple physical barrier that’s placed between the ground and the earth’s surface where erosion might occur.

Temporary Water Irrigation

Irrigation is a necessary feature for many properties, particularly where water is difficult to find and isn’t easily available through precipitation or nearby sources of water. We offer temporary irrigation installations, which can help when you need water for your land but aren’t interested in permanent irrigation pipe and other machinery being installed. 

Drill Seeding-Austin TX

Like Hydroseeding, the process of drill seeding is another cost-effective option for spreading seeds evenly across a large section of land. Drill seeding is a superior erosion control method, and we use a special no-till drill to ensure the seeds are placed at an appropriate depth. Drill seeding is affordable because it requires fewer seeds to accomplish the same job as Hydroseeding or regular seeding.

If you need to establish grass, vegetation, or ground cover around your home or business property, give Reed Hydromulch a call and we’ll discuss your options.

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From efficient and cost-effective Hydromulching to valuable soil erosion options, we provide a variety of important services for your Austin property. Let us show you our commitment to a superior customer experience for every client.

Native Grasses and Wildflowers
– Seasonal Color for Years to Come
– Proper Installation to Ensure Results
– Consulting and Advice in Wide Variety of Wildflowers and Native Grasses

Erosion Control
– Silt Fence Installation for Sediment Control
– Excelsior and Straw Blankets
– Flexterra Flexible Growth Medium (FGM)

Drill Seeding
– Seed Bed Preparation
– Fertilization
– No-Till Drill Can Install up To 32 Different Species In One Pass

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